We believe that each child is a unique and valued individual, belonging first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community. We recognise and value diversity, and accept and celebrate differences in other people.

We believe that children need to experience a sense of belonging and inclusion because it is the basis for living a fulfilling life and builds success for life.

We believe in providing a warm, safe, healthy, caring, stimulating and creative environment that promotes children’s personal growth, health, learning and their self-esteem.

We believe that children’s learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. We believe that physical, social, personal, emotional, creative, spiritual, cognitive and linguistic aspects are all intricately interrelated and interwoven.

We believe that play paves the way for children’s learning. Through play young children explore and learn to understand the world around them as they come to communicate, discover, imagine and create.

We believe that children should be active participants in a learning environment that is engaging and stimulating where they bring with them their diverse experiences, knowledge and skills.

We believe that children should be supported to show respect for the environment and be supported to be environmentally responsible.



We recognise the uniqueness and importance of families in a child’s life, and work towards supporting and developing partnerships with families in nurturing and caring for their children.

We encourage families to actively participate in the preschool community, and we support and welcome their interest and involvement in a collaborative way.

We believe that each family’s culture, beliefs and language should be reflected in all aspects of our learning environments.

We seek to provide affordable, high quality care and education for families.

Staff and Educators

We believe in promoting and maintaining an atmosphere of trust, respect and candour for all staff and educators.

We believe that staff & educators should be supported and provided with opportunities in their professional development.

We acknowledge and support the staff’s & educator’s personal and professional strengths, interests, and experiences that they bring with them into the preschool environment.

We believe in providing a safe and supportive working environment providing conditions that are non-discriminatory, foster well-being, competence and positive self-esteem.

We believe that educators become co-learners with children, families and community. We believe that reflective practice, encompassing current child development knowledge and theories, supports educators to carefully design learning experiences and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environments that are responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities.


In Relation to Management

We believe in working closely with families and staff to maintain, review and consistently improve the standard of service, and quality of education and care provided.

We maintain confidentiality and respect the right of privacy for all children, families and staff at our preschool.

We ensure compliance and work within the limits of laws, regulations, acts and guidelines that pertain to our service. We regularly formulate, evaluate (reflect), and update our policies, practices and procedures.

We believe in sharing and building knowledge, experiences and resources with children, families and staff.

We believe in sustainable practices being embedded in service operations.


In Relation to the Wider Community

We believe in acting in ways that advance the interests and standing of the preschool, children and their families, as well as the staff through advocacy and participation in the wider community.

We strive to learn about and be responsive to the local community’s context and priorities.

We believe in promoting and utilizing local resources and services, where available, to promote the links and transitions between our preschool and the community.

We are proud to acknowledge Aboriginal people as the Traditional Owners of these lands and waters, locally the Dharug people, as well as all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within this community.